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"Show | Where | Share"

Infa Buddy is a Android Application for community based approach to tracking where the user is in control of his own information. Users can create and join groups where they share their position privately or publicly, follow their friends in a web browser and record and review their track history. A user is always in control of if and how his position is shared.

Management over your mobile workforce is now accessible in the palm of your hand, with the new, native apps for Windows, Android and Apple devices. With these apps, you can easily.

  • Community based Tracking
  • Easy to add your Android Mobile Phone
  • Find Your Current Location.
  • Share locations to your friends in general Communities like Face Book, Google+, etc..,)
  • User Friendly.
  • Locate any vehicle in your fleet with real-time status and current activity
  • View history map of complete activity, including starts, parks, stops and in-transit events for up to 6 months
  • Map entire fleet using standard, satellite or hybrid mapping with custom preferences
  • Control vehicle with: ping, lock/unlock door, enable/disable ignition and start vehicle
  • Follow any vehicle in your fleet with real-time updates
  • Color coded vehicle icons to indicated current status

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