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Personal Tracking

Personal Tracking

Personal GPS Tracking is the ability for any person to locate another person, object or thing with the use of a GPS device that receives information from the GPS satellite network in space.The Personal GPS system allows you to track GPS location of person or vehicle carrying GPS device or GPS system. All GPS devices include some sort of transmitter that ultimately sends this data back to the end user.Whether you are concerned about the well being of your small children, or would like to monitor elderly relatives, would like to offer additional layers of security for your loved ones or family members, a personal GPS tracking device has many uses in today’s world. You can use this tracking system for teen tracking, asset tracking, pet tracking, car tracking, equipment tracking, as a spy equipment etc…

  • Know where your children are using personal locator.
  • Keep track of elderly members of your family, so that they don’t wander off alone.
  • Plan a road trip around interesting points of interests, landmarks, campsites, diners, etc, and hear fewer ‘Are we there yets?’- and of course get the most out of that expensive gas.
  • Get emergency road side assistance at a touch of a button from your vehicle, so you can get help exactly where and when you need it.
  • Keep a visual journal and bookmark collection of your favorite hot spots, sceneries, and points of interests, that may not be listed in any travel guide (You can create your own mini travel guides and memories).
  • Feel safer with cellular phone calls, so emergency personnel can pinpoint your location once you make an emergency call. Please double check your carrier service to see that it has GPS features and get a primer on how it works if possible.
  • Get to your interview, or any important time sensitive destination or engagement, faster by finding shortcuts and correct directions.
  • Track your luggage, laptops, and anything of importance while traveling.
  • Track and find family, friends in a crowded concert, graduation, or any social gathering.
  • When going on a vacation, feel free to separate from group for a while to venture on your own based on your own interests and find them later on with your GPS enabled device- even in an unfamiliar places

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