Real time GPS Tracking with Fleet efficiency & Asset Management

InfaGPS Transit for Bus Tracking

InfaGPS Transit

Our fleet management software is 100% Cloud based, so there’s never any physical software to buy or troublesome updates to download. And you can quickly integrate it with other routing and dispatch applications to further improve your fleet management.

What does all of this mean for you? You can cut fleet costs by leveraging GPS vehicle tracking information online to better manage drivers, trucks, and cargo. GPS tracking device even alerts you when drivers violate perimeters you set for speed, idling, routes, and hours of allowed vehicle use. It’s just that easy.

Technology That Keeps Your Passengers Informed and Drivers On-Time

Transit by InfaGPS is the next generation transit technology that provides the real-time information's. InfaGPS Transit supports for Bus Travels, Call Taxi Companies, School & College Bus Transports, Cap Service providers, etc..,

  • Enhance Your Passengers Overall Experience
  • Empower Your Drivers
  • Give Your Managers The Visibility They Need

Passengers Benefits

  • View live bus locations on a detailed map right on their Smartphone or tablet
  • See expected arrival times for their bus
  • Find the closest bus stop to their location
  • Be advised of any service changes to their route
  • Next bus to arrive
  • Each route, named and color-coded
  • Multiple routes and views, displayed at a predefined sequence and interval
  • Points of interest, bus stops, and custom reference landmarks

Riders without Smartphones can send a quick text message to see the expected arrival time of their bus at any stop. Enhance your Riders’ transit experience by adding text messaging numbers to existing signage, bus cards, and other transit collateral. Within seconds, Transit will reply with a text message providing, name/ID of arriving bus and expected arrival time to their bus stop

Driver Benefits

Driver Route Assignments Allow your Drivers to help automate your route assignments. Using a common Garmin NAV unit, Drivers can:

  • Select which route they are servicing
  • Switch route assignments on the fly
  • Ease the burden on dispatch and operations

Management Benefits

Real-Time Tracking and Adherence Monitoring InfaGPS Transit's real-time tracking provides management and Passengers with the live location of every bus in your fleet. With ten second location and status updates, you have the vital real-time information needed to ensure your bus operations are running smoothly.

  • Control routes, stops, landmark graphics, and textual information on maps
  • Define map sequences and intervals to be displayed to Riders

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